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My scholarly interests stem from 10 years experience as a student affairs and social justice educator. Throughout my career as a student affairs educator, I noted ways students from minoritized populations, including women and people of Color, were structurally and systemically excluded. Inequitable policies and practices frequently intersect with individual people's unconscious and conscious biases to harm individual and groups of students.  

Through my research, I focus on equity and inclusion in higher education, highlighting strategies for creating and maintaining equitable learning environments, inside and outside the classroom.  Primarily, I focus on race and gender in my work, though as an intersectional scholar, I work to incorporate an awareness of multiple social identities.   Under this broad umbrella, I have examined the the developmental processes of white women attempting to engage in racial justice work, the intersections of oppression and sexual violence, the experiences of students of Color in higher education and student affairs graduate preparation programs, and the experiences and strategies of student activists.  I employ a variety of qualitative research approaches in my work, including innovative strategies like visual methodologies and internet-related ethnography.

current research and scholarship projects:

selected published scholarship:

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